Marketers Defense Fund

The Marketers Defense Fund (MDF) to assure that the industry’s best interests are represented on the legislative and regulatory front. This fund has already effectively defeated regulatory initiatives such as proposed requirements to place the point of compliance for fuel quality at the retailer, force a 10-micron diesel filter mandate as well as a costly wetlines retrofit and automatic temperature compensation (ATC) at retail.

Other uses of the fund include:

    • Conducting a diesel fuel additive corrosion study.
    • Hiring a technical consultant staff to represent PMAA at several regulatory agencies.
    • Working to approve a low liquid level integrity test as an alternative method for containment sump testing that is required under the 2015 federal UST regulations.
    • Participating in task groups regarding 95 RON which the refiners and autos consider as a future fuel to preserve the liquid fuels industry.
    • Continuing to lead the way in disaster response efforts by reforming the waiver process, clearing regulatory hurdles, minimizing delays at weigh stations and speeding wait times at water borne terminals.
    • Submitting a proposal to the NCWM to require the term “E15” to be included in marketing of E15. Instead of “unleaded 88,” need to call it “Unleaded 88 E15.”

Through the MDF, marketers have saved roughly $1.3 billion — that’s $162,500 for each EMA company.

Are contributions to either the MDF deductible?

In 1993, Congress passed a law advising any money used for lobbying was not deductible for income tax purposes. Your donation is tax deductible as a business expense but not as charitable giving.

How can I make a contribution to the MDF?

You can contribute either by check or credit card on behalf of your business or as an individual. Every cent goes directly toward EMA’s lobby­ing efforts. Contribution amounts are not limited. One suggestion is to donate at least one dollar for every mem­ber of Congress ($535 provides $1 for each congress member; $1,070, $2 for each congress member, etc.).

Together we can make a difference in Washington, DC through the Marketers Defense Fund. Consider joining our effort to make our industry the best it can be!

Marketers Defense Fund


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