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Steeped in tradition, the Sinclair name and its familiar trademarks have been associated with the oil business in America for 100 years. It all began in 1916 when Harry Sinclair combined assets of eleven smaller petroleum companies to form the original Sinclair by Harry Ford Sinclair. Sinclair began development of the Apatosaurus in its advertising, sales promotions and product labels beginning in the 1930’s. The Apatosaurus was registered as the Sinclair trademark in 1932. The Sinclair trademark “DINO” is one of the most recognized logos in the world and is loved by folks of all ages.

Sinclair Oil is a privately held company with executive offices in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Sinclair network is comprised of independent distributors in twenty-five states with over 1,300 branded locations. Sinclair’s commitment has been to deliver satisfied customers with quality fuel products including DINOCARE, TOP TIER™ gasoline.

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Sinclair Oil Corporation
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