RINAlliance helps the fuels industry take advantage of RIN economics under the Renewable Fuel Standard.  Our goal is to help any fuel jobber/marketer or heating oil supplier easily and seamlessly blend with renewable fuels while maintaining 100 percent compliance with EPA/RFS rules and regulations. Benefits of RINAlliance:

  • EPA Fuels Program Registration
  • RIN Compliance with Federal Laws and Regulations for Blenders
  • Blending Economic Data and Calculations to Maximize Supply Sales Negotiations
  • RIN Marketing with Aggregated Trading
  • Customizable Business Metrics; Track RIN Values, Supply Contracts, Site Allocations, Specify RINs to Be Sold
  • Process Multiple Buy, Blend or Sell Transactions with One Upload
  • Web-based RIN Tracking & Management that Interfaces with EMTS

Please contact us for more information and a free demonstration: