Patriot Capital

Patriot Capital is the industry leader for equipment financing. We specialize in delivering fast and affordable business equipment financing solutions for the convenience store and commercial petroleum industry and have been since October of 2000.

We have a new partnership with EMA that is designed to help EMA members and their dealer networks achieve EMV compliance to avoid chargebacks and fines. This also gives EMA members the opportunity to improve their sites thus increasing foot traffic and sales.

The EMA partnership ensures that capital is available, competitively priced, and easy to access for EMA marketers and their dealers.
Additionally, with any equipment upgrades that are financed through Patriot Capital for EMA members or their dealers, a donation will be made by Patriot Capital to EMA and the member’s respective state association.

The types of equipment you can finance through Patriot Capital:

    • EMV upgrades
    • POS systems, & card lock systems, card readers
    • Canopies
    • LED lighting: canopy and in-store
    • Beer caves, racks, shelving
    • Fuel hauling trucks and trailers
    • Signage including imaging, and price signs
    • UST’s and AST’s, piping, sub pumps
    • EV charging stations
    • Car washes
    • Virtually any equipment inside the store

To ensure your equipment upgrade yields a donation from Patriot Capital to EMA and your state association, please visit:

To speak to a Patriot Capital representative please call 404-255-1770.