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National Association of Shell Marketers

The National Association of Shell Marketers (NASM) is a brand specific trade association which represents the business interests of those companies which have wholesale contracts with Shell Oil.  NASM (1) provides Shell marketers with access to valuable legal services and educational programs; (2) maintains a dialogue with Shell on behalf of members; and (3) engages in public policy advocacy on behalf of petroleum marketers through communication with federal agencies, the U.S. Congress and other petroleum industry associations.

The National Association of Shell Marketers, Inc. was originally incorporated under the laws of the state of Georgia on July 19, 1974, as a nonprofit corporation.  Originally known as Georgia-Florida Consignee’s Association, Inc., the Association adopted the name National Association of Texaco Wholesalers, Inc. (NATW) on May 19, 1976.  On May 10, 1999, the association was expanded to include marketers of Shell petroleum products, and was reincorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia as National Association of Texaco and Shell Marketers, Inc. (NASM).  As the conversion from Texaco to Shell retail outlets progressed, the Association evolved into an exclusively Shell marketer organization, and on September 15, 2003, the Association changed its name to its current name of National Association of Shell Marketers.

NASM represents wholesale marketers with retail locations in virtually every state in the U.S., and suppliers of goods and services to the industry.  NASM works to foster identity and brand loyalty among Shell wholesalers.  The small, community-based, often family-owned businesses represented by NASM are engaged in fair business practices which are respectful of the consumer.  Our members are the face of Shell across America, and are committed to growing the Shell brand.  Working together, NASM, our members, and Shell, make the brand stronger.

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