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Meridian is a leading expert on the Petroleum business and, for more than 30 years, has guided family businesses to thrive across generations. We support marketers, so they achieve the future they want for their business and their family. The Meridian Method™ includes a comprehensive array of best business practices that will produce the results you want, FASTER.

We help you improve your profitability and surpass your growth goals by:

    • Hiring the right people & getting everyone on your team in the right seat
    • Building your leaders, so they achieve their goals
    • Getting everyone on your team producing consistently good results
    • Creating a culture where your employees are excited about coming to work
    • Consistently beating your competition
    • Increasing your sales & marketing
    • Improving operational processes & procedures – increasing efficiency
    • Reducing errors & eliminating rework
    • Getting the next generation ready
    • When you are ready to grow through acquisition or sell, we help with that, too!

EMA Masters offers three levels of membership that will provide you the support you need:

For EMA Masters Membership Information, please visit:

Contact: Britt Eason, Director of Business Development / / Phone:  817-594-0546 x1010