Former NORA President John Huber wins EMA’s Highest Heating Fuel Award

Yesterday during EMA’s Board of Directors meeting, EMA 1st Vice Chair Jason Mirabito awarded John Huber, former President of the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA), the Bob Greenes award which is periodically given to an individual who has made significant contributions to the heating fuel industry. Serving on the Bob Greenes Committee included: Sharon Peterson (Chair), Apple Oil Company, CT; Bruce Spiridonoff, Tevis Energy, PA,, MD; Jason Mirabito, Mirabito Energy Products, NY; Chris Herb, Connecticut Energy Marketers Association, CT and Steve Clark, Genessee Energy, WA.

Mr. Huber was instrumental in driving the heating fuels industry to increase energy efficiency and developing vocational education and consumer education campaigns. “I know that having been selected for this award means a great deal to John and it is very well deserved,” said EMA President Rob Underwood.

Robert (Bob) Greenes of Petroconsult, Inc. contributed to the heating fuels industry for 30 years on issues to advance and promote heating fuel.