FMCSA Releases Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Rates for 2022

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) this week announced calendar year 2022 minimum random drug and alcohol testing rates for CDL drivers and other hazardous material employees. The test rates are the minimum percentage of employees subject to U.S. DOT drug and alcohol requirements who must undergo a random test during the 2022 calendar year. The number of random drug tests conducted by employers for 2022 must equal at least 50% of applicable employees. This is the same random testing rate as 2021. The random alcohol testing rate for 2022 is also unchanged and remains at 10%.

Random testing applies to both interstate and intrastate drivers. Random alcohol testing must be conducted just before, during, or just after a driver’s performance of safety-sensitive duties including the transportation, loading or unloading of hazardous materials. The driver is randomly selected for testing from a “pool” of subject drivers. The random testing dates and times are unannounced and must be reasonably spread throughout the year. The FMCSA is reminding CDL drivers that the use of marijuana is illegal under federal law and will result in a positive test even in states where marijuana is legalized for medical or recreational use. The same is true for CBD oil which contains THC, a prohibited drug under FMCSA regulations. Click here for full compliance bulletin.