Xoffice FuelSoft

About XO

XO FuelSoft is the ERP answer to the petroleum wholesale and retail industry.

Whether you are a petroleum wholesaler, convenience retailer or common carrier, we provide cutting edge solutions that meet your business needs.

XO FuelSoft gives you complete control over your fleet by using our digital dispatch and fleet management tools. Our dispatch system syncs with tank monitoring systems, improving efficiency.

XO FuelSoft reports real time inter-company accounting processes, making financial reporting easy.

XO FuelSoft receives up to date automated fuel pricing by accessing supplier and third party portals.

XO FuelSoft uses dynamic C-store register and card-lock importing functions which enhance inventory control and revenue reporting practices. Will call / POS are including with our feature rich software.

XO FuelSoft you will have the most powerful technology at your fingertips.

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