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Sound Payments is a multi-channel, diversified technology company that creates simplified, innovative solutions in the payments, petroleum and financial services industries. Petro Solutions provides technology solutions for the petroleum industry, including EMV Easy Pump™, which enables stations to cost-effectively install a retrofit, semi-integrated solution at the pump that solves EMV.

EMV Easy Pump™ is PCI compliant and accepts EMV, Mag-Stripe, and Contactless payment transactions directly at the pump. Independent stations can now meet industry requirements without the need to purchase new pumps and close stations for installation. The device is simple to install with only one cord for power. The platform is also flexible to support future innovations.

The cloud adheres to internal systems and interfaces with standard industry protocols. Our deployment and industry strategy ensure a seamless transition and minimizes downtime by phasing deployment while also giving the option to temporarily run the old and new system simultaneously.

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